Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If It's Even Possible

As I walked to work this morning, J-Pop blaring from my iShuffle, I thought, "I feel extra-cute today."

I'm not sure why. I'm not wearing new clothes. I didn't bother doing anything special with my hair. The weather is all gray and dreary. Nevertheless, it's a Cute Day.

And you know how we love those :-)
It's all about the attitude, kittens. I hope you are feeling extra-cute today, too!
Because you are.

I made ice last night. And, as some of you may recall, sometimes my ice cubes form these weird ice spikes. It happened again last night. In one tray, two cubes have over an inch long frozen spikes sprouting from them. I haven't figured out how to take a decent picture of the phenomenon, but will work on it this evening. Stay tuned!

Meat-Free Monday Report:
I made a simple Chinese stir-fry like thing with assorted mushrooms, green squash, and tofu in a soy /Chinese chili and garlic paste sauce like thing. Served with rice. It was yummy. It will be yummier today after the tofu has had a chance to absorb all the spicy chili goodness.

Here's the photo:

In other news, there has been no email reply. *sigh*


  1. I am feeling puffy today. Sigh

    Didn't you mention that this new guy knew about your blog?

  2. gayprof: Boo on puffiness! But I'm sure you're still CUTE!

    I accidentally included my blog address in an email signature to him once, but I have no evidence (based on blog-tracking software) that he's actually read my blog.

  3. perhaps the cuteness sensation is a result of channeling my feet today; i was wearing ├╝berKute sox akin to these only with brown, blue and yellow stripes!