Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How to Get One MEEEEELLLION Hits

All you need is a little mention from the Inventor of the Blogosphere, and the readers will beat a path to your blog. At least for one day ...

Blog it, and they will come.


I ate vegetarian corndogs for dinner last night. And green beans! It's all Mr. Sticky Crows' fault. His blog post started a craving. GayProf said there were vegetarian corndogs, which reminded me that Robert had also mentioned that to me awhile ago. So, after asking Robert the brand, off I went to Whole Foods where I purchased:
Mmm. Corndogs.

Not much going on today. I am going to go by the eye doctor's this morning (or afternoon) to check out their selection of eyewear. I received a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon in the mail, so, if I can find two pair I like, I will make an appointment. I'm thinking of maybe pale yellow frames? Or dark green?

I also want to swing by the Borders to see if they have Tim Gunn's new book yet.

AND, once home, it is Laundry Day. *woot*
My life. It is filled with the fun and excitement.


  1. Your answers were too cute, y'know?

  2. loved the interview.

    eyewear: pale yellow sounds cool.

  3. People do love to read about ex's who lie. Then they get quickly bored again...

  4. omg, uranus must be parallel to some deathly world crushing black hole! i ate the same thing.

    and fyi, we mexicans sometimes like to pronounce cheater as sheeter. that's all.

  5. My roommate buys those things. Last week for dinner one night she made mac & cheese, veggie corn dogs, and salad. I saw her do it my very own self!

  6. Glad I could serve as culinary inspiration, lol.