Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Set Your TiVos, Kittens ...

... for PUPPIES!

I could just die. And, yes, I will be watching. Mike is hosting a bbq that night. I'm making everyone watch it. FUN! Someone needs to come up with a drinking game.

A few bits and bobs:

-Upstairs Neighbor returned my corkscrew. Yummy wine was drunk! *woot*
-Tonight is Laundry Night AND Upstairs Neighbor is hosting a little knitting/arts and crafts night.
- It would seem I have a date on Sunday.
- It's not with the Resurrected Lamb of God.
- Did I spell "resurrect" correctly?
- The thunderstorms woke me up at 3:29AM.
- I had a very weird dream in which Pesky Mac and Goblinbox complimented my knitting.
- I do have to admit: It was a lovely scarf.

Hm. More later.


  1. That's not such a weird dream - of course I would compliment your knitting!!

    So what's the deal with you only having one corkscrew? I shouldn't make fun - I have about ten of them and can never find one when I need it.

  2. I would totally compliment your knitting. Especially after a few glasses of WINE!

    Wait, are you stepping out on Jesus?! With ANOTHER MAN?!?!