Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Million Dollar Money Making Idea

You know what would be really cool and convenient?

Hair styling products with sunscreen.

Nothing like stepping into the shower and feeling instantaneous STINGING PAIN from the hot water pounding your sunburned bald spot.

Coming soon to stores near you:

My Gay Best Friend Super Hold Styling Creme with SPF15 and Monoxodil

You know you want some!


  1. hmmm, how to break it to you. let's see. i use kiehl's leave in conditioner which includes UV protection and doubles as gel. the only thing missing is the coconut smell.

  2. I'm afraid it would be bad value to me. I'd have to buy extra razor blades to shave myself a bald spot. So that could add a time drama for me too. We're only allowed 4 minute showers in Australia now and I hate shaving over the sink.

  3. I just want to point out that straight boys call coconut smell "titty fumes," because apparently that's what strippers smell like.

    Just sayin'.

    One of the worst sunburns I ever had was on the top of my head. I'd spent the day at an outdoor music festival. I'd had my hair in pigtails. My entire part got burnt to hell, and the peeling was way gross.