Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Update: Not Everyone Loves Your Dogs Edition

*whew* What a weekend, Kittens! Vuboq is ex-hausted.

But, first, a note to dog-owners in Dupont Circle:

Not everyone loves your dogs. And, yes, I'm talking to you unattractive straight man with the two huge, poorly trained dogs which managed to chase everyone away from the prime shady location you and your rather cute girlfriend with the well-behaved dog -on his leash- chose to sit.

If you have to keep saying things like, "Zeus, come back" and "Zeus, bad dog," someone needs to put Zeus back on his lead. And, that someone isn't me. Me, I don't like Zeus and his friend sniffing all up in my stuff when I'm trying read, knit, and scope out hot shirtless mens.

I hate to break it to you, sweetie, but Dupont Circle is *not* a dog park. You need to keep your beasts on their leashes until they are trained to stay by your side. Because, and I think this bears repeating: Not. Everyone. Loves. Your. Dogs.

Thank you.

OK. Back to the Weekend Update.

Friday night out with Robert was fun. We went to Halo. Then, Alero. Then, swung by Fab Lounge. It was full of lesbians, so we left. I got home rather early which was nice, and I wasn't *too* hungover on Saturday morning.

Saturday, I decided to do some yard work. I cleaned out the little strip of land in front of my building - weeding, cutting back dead plants, raking away leaf litter. Then, a neighbor and I drove up to the hardware store to buy mulch. And, now there is Full Frontal Mulching. Life is good. And the yard looks 100 times better too (IMHO).

We finished around 2/2:30, and that's when I realized: Fuck. I've missed my opportunity to stalk Tim Gunn. Damn. I showered, ate some lunch, and head to the Circle to meet Robert. We blobbed around for a few hours and then ate dinner at Straits of Malaya on the roof deck. Very nice.

The word for Sunday was "OW." My hamstrings and lower back were (and still are) sore sore sore. I guess I haven't done much bending over and kneeling down recently. At least, in the "doing yardwork" context. So, like the clever person I am, I decided to rearrange my living room. It is coming together quite nicely, and i like how it looks. I need to tidy it up and do a little more cleaning tonight and it will be quite the liveable living room. Yay.

After rearranging most of the furniture, I called this guy I have been chatting with recently. We had talked about going rollerblading, but I was too sore/tired. I left a message, saying I might head to Dupont later and maybe we could meet up there. He text messaged back, so about an hour (or so) later, when I got to Dupont, I sent him a text message telling him I was there.

The response: "Who is this?"

Meanwhile, I had been dealing with the previously mentioned doggy disaster and I thought "Figure it out, Einstein" seemed a little harsh, so I didn't respond. I moved away from the dogs and waited for Robert. We hung out for a bit, then headed to Alero for margaritas, liquid cheese, and spinach enchiladas. YUM.

And, that was my weekend. In a nutshell. It was quite lovely.

In other news, don't forget today is Meat-Free Monday. Do your part for the environment by enjoying a meat-free meal today :-)

Also, on the environmental front, Scott-o-Rama is sponsoring a contest. Buy some CFL bulbs for your home and be entered in a chance to win fabulous prizes. Check it out on his website.



  1. wow! I was wondering who was responsible for the gorgeous mulchland. it looks great. too bad my seedlings died while I was camping, but that was my own fault for not asking ellen to water them. hope there will be room for my cherokee purple tomatoes out front! i will share.

    thank you for the green and black chocolate, giner flavor!!! you are such a force of good in the world. joe and i ate it in the New Jersey Pine Barrens while canoeing. we agreed it is the best chocolate in the land. I will send you pictures. i need your opinion on whether smokey the bear is a bear. i think he is.


  2. I hate people who feel entitled to let their dogs run free in any context. Of course, I also feel that way about some parents, too...

  3. esther: Mmm. Tomatoes. I need to talk to you about planting them at some point, Super Farmer Chick! As for bears, I'll do what I can, but Robert says that I don't know a true bear when I see one.

    gayprof: Good point. Robert and I also discussed "Not Everyone Loves Your Baby" during the course of the afternoon.

  4. Children should be muzzled and leashed. Dogs should run around everywhere.

  5. no more 3-day drinking binges. it's gotta be a minimum of 10 days if its going to be a binge.

  6. Hay, no child hating! It's just not cool. I'm just saying. :)

  7. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I hate people who feel entitled to let their dogs run free in any context. Of course, I also feel that way about some parents, too...

    We were all kids once and got the benefit of any number of understood social contracts including on average the biggest chunk of your local government's resources.

    Most people do not have dogs. Off lead dog areas are not shared. they become exclusive and everyone knows it.

    I don't have kids or a dog but I am completely fed up with the dog park advocates. Can I sit and eat lunch at the park area on 17th st? I saw a guy with his kid go over there to toss a ball. they didn't bother the dogs but the dogs were all over them. urban green spaces are small. the presumptive arrogance and organized whining of the dog people is over the top.

    How do the claims of all these dogs jive with the paltry fraction of licenses? is it that the number of dogs is grossly exaggerated or the "guardians" or "companions" (please) of the dogs don't take even the most basic step.