Thursday, April 05, 2007


Two nights ago, when I was chatting with Sunday Date Guy, he asked, "What do you do? You have an artistic flair."

I laughed ...

And flashed back to my freshman year of high school, when I learned a new vocabulary word during the rehearsals for our high school production of Hello, Dolly! And, before you ask, no, I wasn't Dolly Levi. I was in the pit orchestra. *woot*

Anyway, Dolly, played by the senior, Scarlet Morgan, who, in the early 90s rose to fame as Miss North Carolina, had a line describing Ernestina Money to Horace which is something like "She's very artistic."

Every time Dolly said that line the director and orchestra conductor would laugh. "You need to enunciate more clearly, Scarlett," the director would call out. "It sounds like you are saying 'She's very autistic.'"

Everyone would laugh, except the young 14-year-old Vuboq, who, in the days before Dustin Hoffman made autism a household word in Rain Man, had no idea what the director was talking about.

Until, of course, he got home and looked up the word in his parents' broken-spined and scraggeldy-paged Merriam-Webster Dictionary (pub circa 1960).

And that is the story of how Vuboq learned the meaning of autistic.

You're welcome.

Meanwhile, Arts & Crafts Night at Upstairs Neighbor's apartment was fun. Lots of wine was drunk. Lots of cheese and chocolate and olives were consumed. Lots of fun conversation was had. Very little crafts were made. I managed to knit about 15 rows. Yay.

And, now, a little multiple choice question:

One of the following is not dead:

a. Sweet Marjoram
b. Britney Spears' Career
c. John, the Cheating Cheater who Cheated Cheatfully

If you chose "c," you are correct.
Or, at least, I think you are correct.

Last night, I checked his profile. On everyone's profile you can see the last time they logged into their account. I have been checking his profile once a week or so, because I am doubting if he will email me to let me know he is still alive and back from Iraq.

Until last night, his last log in date was "November 25, 2006." Last night, his last log in date was "today," which indicates to me, that he is not dead.

Which makes me very relieved.

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  1. You're still stalking your ex?

    You're awesome!