Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lessons Learned

Here is a valuable lesson, learned recently by yours truly:

If you do not water your plants, they will die.

Unless, of course, they are cacti. But, I think, they will still die if you neglect them for a long, long time.

Tiny little Chia Herb Gardens do not need a long, long time of neglect. They only require 3 days to expire -specifically March 18-20.

And, watering the tiny little Chia Herb Garden a lot when you return from your fantastic birthday holiday in Ann Arbor will not cause them to miraculously revive.

Facts of life, kittens. Birth. Death. It's all there. On my window sill. Still.

Actually, the sweet basil is mostly ok. And I have one or two surviving sprigs of dill and cilantro.

However, let's have a moment of silence for sweet Sweet Marjoram. Dry, crispy sweet marjoram. *sigh*

Something less heavy later on.


  1. why not use the dry crispy herbs for a culinary extravaganza? a small one. for one.