Monday, April 16, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing

My hands are cold.
It is windy.
Thus far, I am no liking Spring 2007.

On the plus side, I am in possession of a piece of pie from the Upstairs Neighbor, and that makes me happy. It is rhubarb. At least, I think it is rhubarb, I didn't actually look at it before I put it in my refridgerator. Usually, I no like the rhubarb pie either. However, the Upstairs Neighbor, hallowed be her name, makes a kick-ass rockin' rhubarb pie.

In other news:

The pab is back on the scene, at least temporarily [meaning: Until I get my presents from China and grind his heart into the pavement with the delicate open toe of my patent leather stilettos].

I wonder if he has deluded himself into thinking that we are still dating. I mean, really, I haven't seen him since at least a week before my birthday. Yet, last night on the phone, he was talking about applying for jobs in California. And, then, I must assume jokingly, said, "So, you'd better start packing. Ha. Ha."

But, it sounded to me like one of those statements which people make "as a joke," when they are thinking, "Maybe it's an actual possibility." And the laugh is only there to cover up the deafening, uncomfortable silence.

We will be getting together at some point this week ...

Hm. What else?

It's Meat-Free Monday. Do your part for the environment by enjoying a delicious meat-free meal today! I will be having Meat-Free Monday: Leftovers Edition, so there won't be any photos.


  1. Be nice to PAB -- None of us like being disappointed, so do it kindly.

  2. gayprof: No worries. If need be, I will be gentle.

  3. "if need be" - hmmm, what are the criteria that determines that? do tell!

    i wonder if your stilletos accentuate your calves the way mine do.