Friday, May 11, 2007

Stay Tuned

I picked up my new glasses.

Here's the photo:

You may all now commence commenting on:
a) Vuboq's SuperCuteness,
2) Vuboq's SuperCute New Eyeglasses,
III) Good Lord Vuboq has Big Lips, and/or
d) Why Does Vuboq Still Have Zits at Age 37?



  1. VUBOQ! You have to change your name to HUBOQ! (HOT!)

    those look great on you!

    i join you in the questioning about zits. I have this huge one on my chin. if you saw how big it is you would laugh at me.

  2. a) The supercuteness is so supercute I can't believe they don't name a fucking day after you!!!
    2) Your new frames kick ass. Love them.
    III) I bet they look good wrapped around a... um. Yeah.
    d) Because bacteria are BITCHEZ.

  3. The kind of frames that only VUBOQ could pull off. ^-^ *applauds*

  4. Don't worry dearie, Bossy still has pimples too, and clearly Bossy is three hundred and nine.

    Anyway - cute frames. Did anyone ever tell you that?

  5. the glasses do not look as flamboyantly queer in real life as they do in the photos - only 50% truman capote! the zits, hmmm, not enough sex?

  6. A) VUBOQ is supercute.

    2) The new glasses are very trendy and make VUBOQ look like a high-paid eyewear model.

    III) Big lips can be handy...

    d) Do we not use a quality astringent?

  7. Wow. I wish I look that hot at 37.

  8. everyone: Thanks for all the positive comments! I love it when people respond to my desperate desire to have my ego stroked. *smooches*