Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Because of the unexpected Going Away party, my plans for Meat-Free Monday were postponed until last night. I forgot to take a picture, but here's what I made ...

1 can black beans, drained.
1 can crushed tomatoes w/ rosemary
Part of a bag of frozen corn
Small can of sliced black olives
3 partially dehydrated scallions
fresh rosemary from the front yard
Part of a bag of baby spinach that was about to go off
olive oil

In pot, heat olive oil. Add sliced partially dehydrated scallions. Cook for a bit. Add bag of baby spinach that was about to go off. Cook until wilted. Add 1 can of crushed tomatoes w/ rosemary [Note that there didn't seem to be any rosemary in it so run out into yard to pluck about 5 rosemary leaves. Also note that "crushed" apparently means "pureed"]. Stir. Add drained and rinsed black beans. Add bag of frozen corn and drained small can of sliced black olives. Bring to boil or whatever. Cook until hot. Add random other spices - like pepper and salt and stuff.

Serve over rice.

It wasn't bad. Surprisingly.

I didn't do much once I got home last night. I knitted a bit. I watched some DVDs. I blobbed around on the computer. I *really* need to get back into writing a little bit each night. I still haven't written a cover letter for the job. I read blogs. I chatted with friends.

And that's about it. Very boring my life is. Or at least it was last night.

Oh, and my Diagonally Upstairs Neighbor has started a cute little blog ... check it out here: Broccoli Rob. I look forward to frequent fun updates, DUN!

Laundry tonight. woo. fucking. hoo.


  1. yer cuzin10:44 AM

    Okay, after I read your last email to me yesterday, I wrote you twice. Why did you forsake me?I had to survey 170 sherds from a site called Rusafa, by myself, in the basement (the KM basement: one floor closer to hell) without any cousinly distraction AT ALL. Do you want me to write your cover letter? I too had meat free Monday last night. The ingredients were: gin, tonic, lime, and ice. Your dinner sounds nice too, except I hate canned corn. Ylech.

  2. cuzin: What? I didn't get any email from you!!! Did you use "bad" words? I'm emailing you now (well, within the next 5 minutes).

  3. Very boring my life is. Or at least it was last night.

    It was a Tuesday night... How much excitement does anybody have on a Tuesday night?

    Has Y already left for his three-week sojourn?

  4. gayprof: Vuboq expects to have tons of excitement every night of the week. Perhaps vuboq needs to adjust his expectations.

    And, yes, Y left on Monday afternoon. I think he gets back 6/24.

  5. I think your meat-free meal sounds marvelous. I'm bookmarking this entry!


  6. Sassy: Oooh. My first bookmarking (that I know of)! Did you use the handy "social bookmark this" clicky thing? If so, how did that work for you? Easy? Stress-free bookmarking?

  7. Actually, it's more like your third bookmarking. I tend to like your recipes.

    I did the bookmark the old-fashioned way. :D