Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sunday Sick Day Camera Phone Phun

On Sunday, I spent lots of time on my sofa [I was sick!] ... quality time with the pussy, yo!

Pussy in Repose

Pussy All "Stop Taking My Picture Already"

The Eye! The Eye! Teh Creepy!


  1. I like when cats sleep with their skulls all upside-downy.

  2. I'm glad your feeling better!

    Although I was a little concerned before images loaded and reading further that there was pukey instead of pussy. I am gross.

  3. goblinbox: I always get a crick in my neck when I try to sleep like that.

    signalite: Thanks! There has been no pukey (thank goodness) ... Just lots and lots of phlegm. I can take pictures of that if you want ...

    or maybe not.

  4. on my computer kitty looked a whole lot like...well...i began to think that you'd given up vegetarianism for a little bit.

  5. your pussy is creepy!