Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What About the Goats?

A recent exchange in my comments section with Mush reminded me of a sermon my Dad used to preach. [For those of you new to the blog -and you know who you are- my Dad is a retired Methodist minister ... which explains some -but not all- of my fuckeduppedness].

Somewhere in the Bible -I'm not sure where*- there is a parable in which Jesus talks about a shepherd leaving his herd to search for one lost sheep. I'm sure there was some sort of point to the parable, otherwise it wouldn't have been a parable.

Anyway, the title of Dad's sermon was "What About the Goats?"

I'm not really sure what he meant. And I can't remember his point either.


Sheeps. Goats. They both make good cheese.

*OK. I found the story. The link is pretty funny. Apparently, one can not be Christian and write grammatically correct comments. I think that may be the 11th Commandment.


  1. Didn't Captain Janeway talk about this story in an episode of Voyager? I really need to stop watching those re-runs...

  2. goats and sheep don't make cheese :) the farmer/dairyman does :) silly goose.

  3. so one sheep is lost? wolves have to eat something you know. focus on the remaining 99 and sheer the wool and make mittens or wallets! that is the point of the parable. i have spake. spaken? baken? bacon? mmm, bacon.

  4. What about the Martians? Did Jesus save them too???