Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On the Mend

So ... I'm feeling a little better. Which is as expected. My colds usually last a week, followed by *months* of a nagging cough. It is how it has been and how it always will be, I suppose. I started feeling bad on Thursday, so we're at the tail end of the phlegmyness. *woot*

I don't even know where to begin to bring everyone up-to-date. Friday, I skipped Happy Hour. Saturday, I helped Tomoko move and went to a birthday dinner. I didn't make it to the Graduation BBQ. Sunday, I did not leave the sofa all day. Y came over. We watched movies. Monday, I worked for about 30 minutes then went home and slept all day. Tuesday, I worked for a few hours -getting a stupid weekly report finished- then went home and slept all day. Y came over. We watched Splendor in the Grass [young Warren Beaty = YUM]. It was long, so I renamed it Splinter in the Ass. I think I may be in like ...

I got to work this morning and discovered a few mistakes in the report, so I corrected them and resent it. *oog*

I guess that's it. Tonight is Laundry Night. Tomorrow, I'm thinking of having some of the neighbors over for martinis ... but it depends on how I feel. I hate being so wishy-washy. I will decide tonight and let them know.

I feel the need for an egg and cheese biscuit.


  1. I'm glad you feel better. Martinis will make you feel even better....

  2. Wow! Splendor in the Grass, huh? That reminded me to dig up an email I sent my friends about my 2-month trip to Spain a couple years ago: "I go to my Spanish class every morning (it´s great), I clean my apartment, I go to the movies at the film festival (I saw a documentary about Salvador Allende, Country of My Skull with Juliette Binoche, Casa de Los Bebys about adoption of Mexican babies on the US-Mexico border, and, my favorite of all, Splendor in the Grass--a film made in the 1960s, set in 1920s Kansas, about reasonable adolscents trying to deal with their oil-wealth-crazed parents, and subtitled in Spanish... how many layers of meaning can you get?). I try to go to the medieval part of the city every day for a walk and some time in the cathedral or some other
    interesting corner of the city." So, I guess maybe I liked Splendor in the Grass more than you did.

  3. esther: Sweetie, Deanie went bat-shit-crazy for 2.5 years after her man slept around on her ... you call that reasonable? Still, I didn't mean to say that I didn't like the movie (Warren Beaty. Yum.). It was just longer than I was expecting it to be ...

    Oh, and your new roomie is SMOKIN' HOT!

  4. If you think Splendor is long, try watching Giant sometime.

    Colds are usually all the same: Three days coming, three days with you, and three days going away.

  5. gayprof: Not that VUBOQ doubts your wisdom, but he is adding Giant to his Netflix queue ... James Dean. Yum.

  6. So this boy's been over to see you a few times now. Woot!

  7. One good thing about Giant is that I totally relate to Elizabeth Taylor's disdain for Texas.

    J. Dean was better in East of Eden (which has almost nothing in common with the book) or Rebel Without a Cause.

  8. goblinbox: yes, one could say that he's come over a few times.

    gayprof: hm ... Perhaps there will be a James Dean Summer Movie Fest! You should come. There will be vodka ;-)