Monday, May 14, 2007

Listy McListMaker

My former co-worker in Japan, Patrick [through whom I am only 2 degrees of separation from both Courtney Love and Drew Barrymore], was a majorly major List Maker. We would have these meetings to prepare for big events, like the special Summer Course for Elementary Students, and Patrick would inevitably begin the meeting with "I made a list."

Ooh. Congratulations. While you were spending three and a half days making your list, my other co-worker and I actually planned the entire event. Thanks.

Anyway, in honor of Patrick, here is a short list of all sorts of randomness:

1. Research careers in environmental curriculum development.
2. Find a good beach music CD.
3. Try not to go over budget this month (which may involve not leaving the house for the next 2 weeks).
4. Make booze (am thinking "ginger-infused vodka").
5. Read the sewing machine instruction manual.
5a. Figure out what-the-heck a bobbin is.
6. Finish knitting scarf.
7. Plan fun Summer Party. Perhaps with "beach" theme (see #2).
8. Explain to the Mother that while everyone secretly wanted a WWF Blue-Footed Booby Adoption Package for Mother's Day, she was the only one with a son thoughtful enough to get her one.

I left my cell phone at home today, so I couldn't download the two pictures I took yesterday. I will do it tonight and add them to the previous post. Maybe.

Isn't cell phone culture weird?

I mean, really, what did we do before those things? And why do we think life will cease to exist if we leave our cell phones at home for one day?

Speaking of which, I saw this guy at the metro station yesterday who had so many electronic doohickeys attached to his belt that his pants could barely stay up. *heh*


  1. i don't have a cell phone. maybe you can come here and make an experiment on me to unravel the truths of "life before cell phones."

  2. I don't have a cell phone. Just saying.

  3. I have a cell phone. I panic when I realize I'm without it, which in turn embarrasses me. Gah.

  4. Oooh -- I used to love loading the bobbin (that sounds dirty, no?). It was like a secret compartment under the machine...

  5. i have a dick dale cd and some esquivel lounge music.

    i've left my cell at home unintentionally before. i don't really ever need it but when i do forget it, it feels like i'm completely out of touch. it is weird. if i lost my phone, i wouldn't be able to call more than half the people whose number i have saved because i don't have a record of those number like the old days.