Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Non-fiction Me

Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm living my life like it's a book in porgress ... and not a particularly good one. I feel like I'm always reworking my life stories, accessorizing them with bits and bobs, coating them with sparkly sequins, attempting to make them less mundane. I combine, twist, and stitch my memories into thoughts that are more interesting.

And, I think I want to strip all that away and reveal the non-fiction me, but who would be interested in that?


  1. I would. My everyday self is quite boring, but I've never had the energy to make up a different one. I don't have a *lot* of friends, but the ones I do have are marvelous.

  2. you mean like "porgess and bess?" how jazzy! keep the sequins. they're dazzling. it's better to cover up than to reveal, nonfiction is so not now.