Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ugh. Bugh. Fugh.

GAH. I've been trying to write a decent cover letter for two days now, and I can't. Everything I come up with is Crappy McCrapshispants. I have updated my resume. I have selected a few sample links. All I need is a cover letter. [Oh, this is in reference to this job.]

G-forking-D cover letters. H8 them. Passionately.

Also, I am trying to update EnviroWonk more regularly now. I need to get back in the Environmental Grooooooooove. I switched templates, which means all my linky goodness was lost. I'll work on rebuilding those at some point. Skip on over there to take a look. Tell me whachuthink.

Tomokito came over last night to return my corkscrew. We had some wine and a nice chat. We will be having Saturday Afternoon Margaritas this weekend! *woot*

I finished reading The Rug Merchant and wanted to type up a brief review today, but I left the book at home. I'll do that tomorrow (or tonight if I can get online).

I suppose that's it for now. More later, kittens. *smooch*

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