Tuesday, May 01, 2007

In. Out.

I'm not at work for long today.
I have an eye appointment at 9:15. And I'm not coming back to work! *woot*
One of the few good things about my company is that they don't allow salaried employees to take partial days off. So, if I work for 30 minutes today, I can bill a whole day. HA.

So, that's what I'm doing. I haven't decided how I'm going to spend the rest of the day. Probably at home cleaning. Maybe I'll go rollerblading in the park after lunch. A free day to completely waste. How lovely.

Meanwhile, it seems that a lot of my faithful readers (love you all *smooch*) seem to think that kissing is a VERY important part of a relationship. I'd like to ask you why. I have my own reasons, which I will expand in a later entry. For now, tell me in the comments why, for you, a partner who doesn't kiss is unacceptable.

*many happy smooches*


  1. When TT first moved to the UK we (naturally) had a night of rampant sex. She told me then that although she was happy to kiss me, she hated the thought of someone "putting their tongue in her mouth".

    It's really hard to kiss one way so we hardly ever kissed. I missed it, and her friends sometimes commented that it was odd we never "pashed" but I could live with (or without) it.

    We were always kissing on cheeks, necks, etc, but never proper mouthy kissing. Weird eh? Sorry for rambling and not really answering the question

  2. um, kissing is important because it's so primal and unusual. and i bet there's biological signals you can get @ your partner from kissing, like about their health and mood and whether they like you and etc. So kissing is very important. i will have to tell you @ the first kiss b/n me and joe sometime. i had to engineer it by point out (imaginary) ppl who were kissing on the riverbank across from us.

  3. I suppose it depends on the person. You know for some people kissing might not be important. But for me, it's one way of expressing affection that sex alone does not deliver. I think sex can be affection-less but not kissing. Also when you ask for a kiss and the other person refuses completely, there is something odd about it, esp when it's your first date. So if I'm with someone in a relationship I expect them to make an effort! I guess a complete rejection when the other person had showed an interest (and communicated why it's important) is an indicator for lack of will/ interest to communicate and also to compromise. It's not like you asked the guy to spank him or something. It's only a kiss ;)

  4. To me, kissing is about intimacy. I can't imagine sex without it.

    Withholding kissing also strikes me as an act of power.

  5. Kissing is important because it feels good, it allows you to collect information about your partner's mood/needs, etc., and refusing to kiss means you're either a power tripper or trying to have sex without intimacy or a total freak.

    I've had plenty of kiss-less sex, and it's fine in its place, but refusing to kiss carte blanche is just weird.

    And we don't want you rollin' weirdos, no matter how nice their junk is. ;-)

  6. I realized my ex-ex-ex-ex boyfriend was cheating on me when he stopped kissing me while we still had sex. Some prostitutes refuse kissing with their customers. I don't know why, but it seems that kissing is important. Sometimes more important than sex. For me, kissing is certainly important. It's just, lovely:-) Makes me happy. Hmm. Maybe lack of kissing is one of the reasons why I didn't get married with a Japanese guy.

  7. I think for most people coming out of this culture, kissing is so important because it is inextricably associated with intimacy, on an emotional level in addition to physical. To fuck is animal; to kiss is to express something about the human condition.

    Limits are what they are, I suppose, but to outright refuse in medias res without warning you beforehand about a limit that goes against the expectations of the majority is sucky. For me, it would be a stab through the-well, whatever part of me is having feelings at that moment. So no one gets anywhere with me unless we kiss first.

  8. Another important service that kissing provides is allowing a moment of heat/passion in a situation where sex isn't possible at the moment. Sometimes when we're standing in line somewhere and Michael strikes me as especially yummy, a quick kiss can tide me over until a more appropriate moment. Also good for when one of us is too tired to have sex (one of the perils of our habitually staying up until 4 in the morning), a steamy kiss is good to take with you to dreamland.

    I think that the intimacy and connection are the best and most important parts of kissing (after its general yumminess), but the other comments above pretty much covered that. ;)