Friday, May 25, 2007

Holiday! Holiday!

*whew* I was almost late to work this morning ... Y came over last night, and, well, we got a little frisky this morning. Somehow, I managed to get here on time, difficult though it was.

I watched The Good Girl last night. Jennifer Aniston was surprisingly good, as was Jake G (although that wasn't much of a surprise). I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. *woot*

No big plans for tonight. I am thinking about staying in, watching movies, knitting and having a chill Friday night alone. I could be convinced to do a Happy Hour somewhere though ;-) I'm shutting down the hotline at 3 to give everyone a headstart on their long weekend. Aren't I the nicest supervisor EVER?

Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment in the morning. Then, we will be gathering for Saturday Afternoon Margaritas around 3 to start celebrating Mike and Tomoko's birthdays. Y wants me to come to his place this weekend, so I might go over there on Saturday night.

Sunday, I'm trying to get a group together to go see Pirates of the Caribbean III. I wasn't all that excited about the film until I read Stephen Hunter's review in the WaPo.

No plans for Monday yet ... but it will more than likely be a Day of Recovery and Relaxation.

More later, probably ... I think it's going to be a slow day.

PS. I've updated EnviroWonk. Check it out!


  1. It seems like you and Y are getting along quite well. That's great!

    Have a pleasent weekend!

  2. bran and boy went to the movie last night and both very much enjoyed it.