Friday, May 04, 2007

VUBOQ Wonders "Will This Day EVER End?"

Probably not ...

I bought the NYT's number one martini-making gin today, Plymouth London Dry, on sale at the local likker store for $16.99. *woot*

Martinis tonight, kittens!

The second most pressing question now is "What kind of olives to buy?"


Oh, the complex and difficult decisions required for daily life!


  1. Citrus seems more appropriate for vodka martinis. Go garlic -- It will be unexpected.

    And, no, this day will never end . . . ever.

  2. gayprof: AUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHH!!!!!

  3. For parties it's always safe (and delicious) to go with the little black pitted olives (the not too salty ones)v. They go with everything. If you feel generous, get more than one kind. Olives are always a treat ;)

  4. bala wala shi: black olives aren't very good in martinis, unfortunately ... i might get a variety, though.

    I am leaning towards GayProf's garlic-stuffed suggestion though.

    Hm. His suggestion isn't stuffed with garlic, but the olives will be.

  5. Hmmm.. this shows how much I don't drink martinis :) I guess I didn't try a good one yet. Although I think it's the gin.. I can only have gin with tonic. Yummm.. gin and tonic.

  6. you should shake it up a bit and go with cocktail onions.

  7. No, no, no! You people are all wrong!

    But ALL the olives AND the onions and have a selection. It will be a martini smörgåsbord!

  8. hey vuboq, can you teach me how to make a martini?

    hey! maybe craft night can include a martini-making tutorial! just tell me what i need to buy.
    i know about the garlic-stuffed olives. i don't know if i'll go for the ny times booze, maybe something a tier below? i don't wanna get a martini shaker tho. can i just use a jar with a lid?


  9. Buy garlic-stuffed olives and some gorgonzola.

    Remove garlic. Insert bleu cheese. Use to garnish martinis.

    I've explained this to you before, have I not? ;-)