Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Trouble with a Capital T

I had a date last night, and ... um ... he left this morning. I guess that means it was a good date, eh?

I met this guy online a few days ago. When he told me his -rather unique- name, I put 2 and 2 together and came up with 5 GABILLION: We had actually met about a year and a half ago at my former Upstairs Neighbor's apartment. Former Upstairs Neighbor (from now on referred to as "FUN") had recently completed a major step in his academic journey and held a party to celebrate. This guy (from now on referred to as "Y") was in attendance.

At the party, I remember talking to Y for awhile and finding him interesting, but also a little distant, conversational, but not overly friendly. Perhaps, this was because he knew I was dating the Cheating Cheater at the time.

On Monday, I was relating this recent reconnection to Ray ... who proceeded to tell me this long history about Y. That he broke the heart of one of Ray's friends, but then another friend broke Y's heart. Blah blah blah. Y didn't seem to heartbroken last night. I think Ray was telling me this as a warning not to get involved.

So I decided to approach things cautiously, eyes wide open, and to avoid getting emotionally involved. Maybe I could just use him for sex, because, yeah, he's handsome.

We met at McGinty's in Silver Spring at around 9PM. 2 drinks each and a lot of good conversation later, we were in my building's parking lot making out in his car. Hot. Good kisser. Kissing. It's so important.

So, after some internal (and external) discussion, I invited him in, and, OMG!, 2nd Best Blowjobs EVER! Plus, he likes to cuddle. And kiss (did I mention he likes to kiss?). And he smells good. And, see where this is heading? One date and I'm all gagablablah. I need to step back and assess.

And, when I say he smells good, I mean, wow, like, totally delicious.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night. Fortunately, there's nothing like a little sex right when you get up to help ward off Morning Crankiness. [Did I mention 2nd Best Blowjobs EVER?]

And, there you have it. Vuboq is slutty.

Updated: OMG. Totally busted by the boss ...

Boss: Vuboq, what's wrong with your neck?
Vuboq (trying to play dumb): What?
Boss: It's only on one side.
Vuboq (still trying to play dumb): I don't know. Razor burn, maybe?
Boss (laughing): You know what it is ...
Vuboq: ...

Vuboq needs to run to the restroom to see how serious this "mark," which Vuboq didn't notice this morning, is.

Updated Update: GOOD LORD! It's HUGE! Fuck. Color me mortified. Stupid pale, sensitive neck skin.


  1. Yeah, you're slutty. But somehow I doubt you're all sackcloth-and-ashes about it. ;)

  2. It's good to assess, but also to just enjoy the moment.

    Yea for kissing.

  3. Your New Upstairs Neighbor (NUN) appreciates being informed in advance when you are planning to spend some time in a car in the parking lot...Then she'll invite other neighbors to the parking lot party with entertainment:-p

  4. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing. Feel good. Don't be all holding yourself back, second-guessing, wasting the FUN PART by trying to remain distant. Fuck that. Life's too short. Dig it while it feels good because either way, whether you break up or get married, one day you'll think, "Damn, I can't remember when I felt all googly about him." ENJOY IT.

    I think all this trying to be distant crap is crap. If you're gonna do it, ENJOY IT.


  5. Yes, don't hold back. Yay for kissing, cuddling, good sex, good conversation, yummy smell!

  6. Anonymous6:30 PM

    I remember introducing y'all at FUN's party, wondering if y'all might get along...glad to hear you are. Y's a great guy, although I've never dated him...

  7. VUBOQ has a hickey! VUBOQ has a hickey!

  8. Second-best blowjobs ever? *quizzical look*

  9. Do what with ASSESs? lol You durrrty boy! That is true, kissing is important. Makes all the difference to me whether they can kiss good or not.