Friday, May 25, 2007

Someone Who Won't Be My Realtor

I grabbed this flyer off of Diagonally Upstairs Neighbor's car this morning [if you need it back, DUN, let me know]. I couldn't resist. I mean, really, what kind of person papers a neighborhood with advertisements without proofreading them first?

Answer: Someone Who Will Never Be My Realtor!

I won't point out the mistake ... see if you can find it!



  1. "A Open," "Uint."

    Nice work, realitor. *bwahahaha!*

  2. your cousin2:38 PM

    I see a (an) big one, and didn't read further to find more. I caught Collin's cold and am home sick today. It sucks. Will call you tonight if you're home.

  3. Bah. If the Realtor can't find a few glaring typos, there's no way you can trust him/her to suss out the little things you'd love about a house.

  4. grammar and spelling are very important to a successful business. someone who lets something like that escape the office needs to be chastised severely

  5. Oye. No predecessor to a vowel? For shame.

  6. It Are A Uinique One. Love it!