Monday, May 21, 2007

Sick Day


I went to work for about half an hour this morning to get some boring stuff set up and to make sure everyone showed up. Then, I came back home and went to bed. Just got up about an hour ago. *ugh*

Being sick so sucks.

Of course, that didn't stop me from allowing Y to come over last night for a little fun ;-) *heh*

I'm all congested and icky. Yuck. Probably back to work tomorrow when I'll fill you in on all the fun of the weekend and the joys of tonight's Meat-Free Monday: Ochazuke Edition.

*germy smooches*


  1. At least you have your priorities straight! :D

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling ill. I also battle a cold. Spring colds are the worst.

    Chin up, little trooper.

  3. Sex boosts your immune system. You have an excuse. :)

  4. Misery loves company. I know just how you're feeling.

  5. Get well soon! BTW, do you make a noise when you have Ochazuke like rest of us here? :-0

  6. Do you need some Umeboshi for your Ochazuke? It makes you feel better. Look out of the kitchen window...Umeboshi is coming down from the upstairs..

  7. yay. you managed to outmanuever the grim reaper once again! didn't i comment not that long ago that you seem to be sick often? here is yet another episode! you need more vitamins.