Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Last night was an adventure in martini-drinking, leftover Chinese and comedy DVDs. Woo hoo! I feel better and that I have appropriately mourned the Passing of the Pup.

Meanwhile, in more hopeful news, I haves the "date" tonight. Actually, it is more like the "getting to know you" than the "date." Sort of a "you were witty and fun in electronic format let's see if it translates to real life in an easily accessible way" kind of thing. We'll see how it goes. He suggested we strike while the iron is hot, while I, personally, prefer to iron while the iron is hot, because striking doesn't get rid of all the wrinkles quite as effectively. We are meeting after work. Should be fun.

During my break today, I'm heading over to the Borders. I have $30 in "Reward Certificates" to spend. Woo hoo! Free Books Rock My Socks!

Also, Tornwordo had a post about how the loss of bees would cause the downfall of civilization ... which, as he stated, is probably a bit over the top ... but here are some interesting links:

info on Bee Mites
Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (from ScienceDaily)
Honey Bee Die-Off Alarms Beekeepers (also from ScienceDaily)


  1. Is there nothing that liquor and Chinese food won't solve?

  2. Re: bees - from what I've heard this isn't sudden or isolated. Colony collapse has happened in generations before, and remained a mystery. It may be something endemic in the bee population that, under the right circumstances, emerges and wipes out a lot of hives, and then goes away again for a while. Not to say it isn't damned serious, but all this "end of the world" talk is giving short shrift to the other pollinators in the world, some of which are in fact threatened by feral honeybee populations.

  3. I'm thinking more along the X-files lines with regards to the bee populations... Dun, dun, dun... Just waiting for Cancer Man to show up!! Haa!! :)