Friday, May 04, 2007

Sewnito Ergo Sum

Exciting news, kittens! The fabulicious Tomokito closes on her apartment today at 10AM [send "Good Closing Vibes"]! And that apartment just so happens to be right above mine! One of my best friends (We met two days after I moved to DC in August '99) is going to be my New Directly Upstairs Neighbor! EX-CITE-MENT!

Martinis, yo. It's all about Martini-Driven Happy Hours!

ANYWAY, closing today means that Soon-to-be Former Directly Upstairs Neighbor is in town. I now am the proud owner of a 1958 Singer Sewing Machine! *woot*

Curtains, kittens! I can make curtains! And supercute retro fabric ringer tees! Or, at least, I can make them after I figure out 1) how to work a 1958 Singer Sewing Machine and B) how to sew.

Last night, after posting about the herbs and the BBQ chickpea salad served over bug-ridden rice (YUM), I got to hang out with Soon-to-be Former Directly Upstairs Neighbor, Upstairs Neighbor, and In Another Building Across the Way Neighbor.

Neighborly Goodness! Fun times. We are on our way to becoming Melrose Place!

As for my weekend plans ... dinner tonight at Mandalay, the local Burmese restaurant. Ginger Salad - YUM! I had hoped to arrange a date for later in the evening, but that doesn't seem to be happening (darn). Saturday, Steve, of Steveandbobby, is having people over for a little Cinco de Mayo gathering. Eric from Baltimore will be driving down for the festivities. No plans yet for Sunday, but I really need to clean and stuff. I'm going to be having overnight guests next Friday [Min, the friend formerly known as Burma Boy, and his boyfriend will be in town from Boston].


  1. Old Singers are awesome workhorse machines. Poke about online and you should be able to find sites that will let you download scans of the original user manual.

  2. Congrats on the new neighbor and the sewing machine!

  3. I want a Singer sewing machine! luuuuuuuv sewing.