Thursday, May 10, 2007

Candy-coated SugarLuv Redux

Arts&Crafts Night was a total booze-filled martini success!

OK, so it was only Upstairs Neighbor and myself, but that meant the totally coolest people EVER were in attendance! We knitted and chatted and gossiped and drank martinis with habenero-cured olives. Spicy! Upstairs Neighbor's Roommate was also there, but she was busy packing. Alas ...

We also ate super-yummy Havarti with Dill and crackers. Mmmm ... Thanks for the suggestion, Mush!

I was a little tipsy. I stumbled down the stairs (fortunately, no ripped off toenails and bruised shoulders this time) around 11ish? I ended up chatting with a few friends online until well after midnight. Oof.

After work today, I have to do some grocery shopping and then Mad Cleaning Like a Crazy Person for Min's visit. Fun times.



  1. I am glad craft night was fun, you know how to delight. The selfish me is glad no one else came given how strong you make the martinis. They were DELICIOUS.

    I will listen to the CD soon!

  2. sounds like fun - crafts are a good excuse for drinking :)