Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Story of Y

GayProf pointed out in the comment section of my previous entry that I have not provided many details about Y thus far in our narrative. So, I will now.

But, first, can I just bitch and moan a bit about how annoying it is when people don't respond to invitations?

I invited about 14 people over to my apartment for tomorrow night. I know that 2 will not be able to come and 6 people will definitely be there. Should I plan for 6 people ... or 12? Will the others just show up? Or should a non-response be taken as a no?

It's manners, people. How much friggin' time does it take to respond "Yes, I can make it" or "No, I am busy?"

What happened to common courtesy? Where were these people raised? A BARN?


This is not about any of you, btw. I know all of you always RSVP in a timely manner, because the People Who Read Vuboq are all intelligent, thoughtful, courteous people.

So ... the Story of Y.

He's 39. Salt-and-pepper hair (which he sometimes dyes). 5'10" and maybe 150 lbs.? He has a little bit of a squidgy belly *cute*, which Isabella loves. Brown eyes. Nice smile. He's Israeli (which is why he is now in Israel ... visiting family). I think he's the first Jew I've ever dated. Or, at least, the first Jew who made it be known that he is Jewish. He seems to be more culturally Jewish than religiously Jewish (if that makes sense).

Currently, he is a phd candidate at the University of Maryland. His research has something to do with linguistics and computer languages. It's complicated and I don't understand much of it. He's thinky. And you know how I *heart* the Thinky Man.

Thus far, I'm having a lot of fun with him ...

cautious. optimism.

Addendum: I received an email from the Cuzin, which reinforces why I luv her so. This line cracked me up: "And one of the writers lists “smiling” as a hobby. Which made me want to kill her immediately. "


  1. I always rsvp, and I always send real paper thank you notes. And no, I am not eighty years old....though sometimes it feels like it. ;)

  2. I won't be at your party -- but, oh, wait, I wasn't invited. :-|

    Annnnyway, Y seems like a keeper so far. I share your cautious optimism.

  3. Oh, and it sounds like his Ph.D. might be in something useful (read employable), too (unlike History).

  4. chelsea: OMG! I send real paper thank you notes too!!!

    gayprof: you have a standing invitation to all my parties. *smooch*

  5. Linguistics applied to programming is a sweet field to get into these days. That was TDH's dream career.

    You realize that the tag "story of Y" is making some of us wonder when you're going to break out the branding irons, right? Or is that just me?

    I'm actually a slovenly barbarian, but even so, I always RSVP.