Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Update: Whole Lotta Luvin' Goin' On Edition

What a fun Memorial Day Weekend, Kittens!

There was booze and fun and sex and booze and sex and food and fun and sex and booze and -Did I mention booze and sex?- and bittersweet good-byes ...

Friday, I had planned to stay in and rest up, maybe watch a few movies and knit a bit. Well, Mike emailed to suggest happy hour ... I went home, made a martini, and waited for him to pick me up. We drove to his house, had some cocktails, and waited for his friend, Brian, to join us.

Brian was late. So, we decided to skip happy hour and go out to dinner - Thai food. YUM. Mike drove me home around 10:30, I think.

Saturday, I went to my 11AM hair appointment. I am blond again. YAY. I looks cute. YAY. I left the salon around Noon:30. I went to Best Buy to spend my $15 worth of Rewards Certificates. I bought 2 DVDS - Galaxy Quest (which I *heart*) and Monty Python and the Holy Grail Special Edition. Very excited. Then, I wasted time until meeting everyone for SAM at 3ish.

SAM was awesome. The weather was warm. There was a slight breeze. Many pitchers of margaritas were consumed. We decided to walk to Dupont Circle. Mike left to go see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Tomoko, Steveandbobby, and I went to Dupont Italian Kitchen for more food and beverages.

Then, everyone went home. Well ... I went to College Park to visit Y. We watched Galaxy Quest then went to bed. Very hot sex. Mmmm. And, the best thing? He laughs! During sex! Laughter! YAY! It was fun. YAY!

Sunday morning, we headed back to my place. Y had to work on a paper. I blobbed around. Later that afternoon, Tomoko joined us to watch PotC3, which I thought was very good (much better than PotC2) ... but it was a bit long. After the movie, we went to Austin Grill for a bite to eat and a few margs. Mmm. Tequila.

Once home, Y continued to work on his paper. I blobbed around. I went to bed around midnight. Y finished his paper around 3:30 and came to bed. Very hot sex. We got up around 8:30 or 9 ... more very hot sex.

Later, I proofread his paper. Around 11 or so, he left to go pack for his trip home. *sigh* He'll be gone for three weeks. *sigh*

I walked to Whole Foods to buy cheese and crackers and some fixin's for dinner. On the way home, Kristen called. John's orders came through and they are moving to Washington State. TODAY! She was throwing together a last minute going away dinner at their favorite sushi restaurant.

So ... Tomoko came over around 4ish for martinis. Around 5:30, I caught the bus to the metro. Carolyn picked me up at Brookland and we drove into Virginia. It was a fun dinner, but a little sad saying good-bye to Kristen and John. *sigh*

And I am totally broke. Urgh.


  1. It sounds like things are pretty darn good with Y.

  2. gayprof: So far, so good. I am trying to remain cautiously optimistic.

  3. Yay for fun sex! Sounds as though you ate, drank and were quite merry as well, too.

  4. I am enjoying these dipatches from the Y-front very much. A guy who can laugh during sex sounds like a keeper to me! I'm cautiously optimistically hopeful for you!

  5. Laughing during sex is the BEST! I want to know more about this Y person....I cautiously approve, so far. ;)

  6. Ditto on the laughing. Who wants a sex partner who treats sex like a funeral (unless one is into such things)?

    *keeps fingers crossed for you*