Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Have Work to Do

It is teh suck.

  • I pounded out about 15 email responses this morning.
  • I need to proofread one of my colleagues' frequently grammatically incorrect email responses so that he can send them out.
  • We are also having some sort of health insurance enrollment meeting at 11.
  • AND, I need to meet with my boss about my (if I do say so myself) stellar performance review: You like me! You really, really like me.

Meanwhile, I got an email from Y. He safely arrived in Israel (via Kiev). Yay. Y'know, I can't remember if I've given much background information on Y. If I haven't, let me know, and I'll try to do a little entry about [what I know about] him.

Other than that, I'm busy planning my It Was a Dark & Stormy Night party ... which will take place on Friday night and feature a drink I only recently heard about: the Dark & Stormy.

It's equal parts Goslings Dark Rum and ginger beer with lime. I think it sounds v. yum.

PS. Can someone tell me why the bullet points I used for my list of things I have to do today are not showing up (even though they show up when I preview the post)?


  1. Hey vuboq,

    the bullet points did show up!

    i also have a lot of stuff to do today at work! it is nice to be needed!

    so, i don't think Ligia can come to the dark n stormy night party, but Joe can! yay!

    Can I ask you a favor, pls pls pls? Will you please water my baby plants that are outside on the mulch tonight (the ones in the two plastic cell flats)? I won't be home tonight and this morning as I was running for the bus I noticed how dry they are... especially the baby basil... thank you thank you.

    (sorry everyone for using blog comments to write personal notes to vuboq. i don't understand blog ways of the world yet)

  2. broccoli rob: Glad the bullet points are showing up on other people's computers. It must be something weird with my PeeCee. I will try to remember to water your plants when I get home (you may want to call me to remind me, though).

  3. I see the bullets, too.

    You have not given much information about Y beyond: a) he is male; b) he gives good blow jobs; and c) he giggles in bed. It was news to us that he was off to Israel.

    More, please.

  4. I don't see the bullet points here, but I do see them in the feed. Go figure.