Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Am Brain Dead.

Or is it braindead?

No matter. I've been attempting to articulate my thoughts on kissing. I am not pleased with the result. Maybe tomorrow I will be better able to address this important issue.

For now, I leave you with a completely stupid thought I had on the Metro ride into DC yesterday.

I saw a bit of graffiti which read: Thanks for the rock bitchs.

I wondered what happened to the missing E. I decided it must have been added to kittens, to create kittenes ... which would be like benzenes, only less carcinogenic. But maybe more toxic.

Later, kittenes.

Update: Especially for my gin-loving friends, this just in from the fabulous Cuz: No, Really, It Was Tough: 4 People, 80 Martinis (NYT, requires registration)


  1. Wow, that e gets around. Slut vowel for president! Four more years!

  2. But I've been waiting for the kissing essay. Sigh