Tuesday, May 22, 2007

so. dying.


stupid report for work.
going home soon.



  1. Drink peppermint tea.

    If this continues much longer, perhaps a doctor is required?

  2. your cousin3:34 PM

    Are you getting my email yet choosing to spurn me because I have been advising you to rest instead of continuing your social animal lifestyle? Or are you not getting my email? I was very careful to use appopriate words! Or I thought I was. How am I supposed to survive all these bags and bags of sherds without you? Did you try Robert's cold cure? You could try Collin's (shot of bourbon, taken neat before bed, and as needed in hot tea with lemon).

  3. silly goose. stay home. if you don't stay home then you'll spread your germs to your underlings, they *will* call in sick and you'll end up doing their jobs. being sick is the reason you have supervisors. let them earn their pay.