Monday, July 17, 2006

Pretty. Thinky. Yin. Yang.

Last night, as we were stretched out on my (very comfortable) sofa, Mike and I had the following (practically verbatim) conversation:

M: I forgot to buy deodorant today.
V: That's because you are Thinky. Thinky people don't remember little things. They are too busy thinking about big, important, thinky things.
M: ...
V: I, on the other hand, am Pretty. I spend my time being Pretty and sometimes thinking about the little things, like buying your toothpaste.
M: Yeah. I wouldn't have that either, if you hadn't remembered.
V: Maybe the best relationships are ones that have a good balance of Pretty and Thinky?
M: You're being kind of Thinky right now though.
V: See? That's it. It's like Yin and Yang, at the heart of Pretty is a core of Thinky and at the heart of Thinky is a core of Pretty. You have the Pretty within you. You just have to find it.
M: ...
V: I could be on to something here.

PS. Partial credit for this emerging new philosophy should go to the fabulicious Jake, who initially pointed out the contrasting nature of Thinkiness and Prettiness.


  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Beautiful. And so is the thought.

  2. You should write poetry! Man that was thinky of you.

  3. quoth the man with a master's degree :) can't you be pretty and thinky?

  4. That post was so cute I nearly got adult onset diabetes.