Thursday, July 06, 2006

Eight Letters. Three Words.

One Incredibly Dull Post.

Many thanks to PeskyMac who alerted her loyal following to the Summer Knitty. It's mostly things that are way too complicated for a novice like myself. However, there is a totally cute skullcappylikething which I think will make an Xcellent Xmas Present for a few friends. YAY! Must. Buy. Yarn.

[Of course, I still need to finish the Neverending Sweater as well as knit 2 scarves, one for a contest winner quite some time ago.]

Meanwhile, my maiden trip to NEW YORK CITY is still a GO! I called the friend who I will be staying with to get info/directions/etc. She lives in Midtown, within walking distance of Penn Station and Times Square. SWEET! After I finish this entry, I'll purchase my train tickets. YAY!

I've practically decided on my "smart casual" party outfit [Thanks for all the input, everyone!]. The outfit is as follows: supercute pair of plaid pants, light gray shortsleeve shirt with fun pearlesque buttons, and these shoes. The other shirt option is a casual tuxedo shirt that I've had for ages ... but I don't know where my cufflinks are, so that might be out.

So not looking forward to packing. If all goes well, I can fit everything into one small backpack/bookbag.

And so it begins ...

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