Wednesday, July 05, 2006

VUBOQ Asks for Assistance

As I mentioned in a previous post, this weekend will be my first ever trip to New York City! Big Apple! [and, now, I'm singing Eva Beware of the City from Evita] ...

One of my friends from graduate school is getting (will be getting?) (got?) married. She and her husband are having a wedding party on Friday evening. I thought it would be fun to go [and if anyone can explain to me what the hell a "smart casual" dress code means, I'd be much obliged]. I'll be taking the train up and staying with a friend somewhere in Manhattan (address details to come). Tomoko and Emiliano will also be attending. I think we're going to hang out on Saturday at some point. And, I'm going to meet up with Jake :-) I plan on heading back to DC on Sunday morning-ish. Fun times!

The only problem is that I have no idea what to do or where to go. I would be most pleased if people could leave some interesting suggestions. Clubs? Bars? Shops? Flea markets? Museums? All are welcome.

doot-doot-do-da-doot. doot-doot-do-da-doot. Start spreading the news.
I'm coming Friday...


  1. Go to Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! (Actually, Jake will tell you what you should see while you're there.)

  2. replying to goblin:

    i will? actually i was thinking of taking steven to some place seedy and abandoning him.

  3. I hear that all gay men must hook up with a sailor while in New York. It's a city ordinance or something.

  4. Just trying to help......
    Smart casual.....looking relaxed yet neat and pulled together.
    ie. jacket & pants, dress shirt & pants, etc.

    Check out "Time Out New York" on-line, might give you some ideas. :)

    I love New York City, have a great time!

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  6. i decided to self censor and retract my evil vicious comment. here is the edited version:

    jake - are there any seedy places left in nyc? point me there!

    v - therapy is good, ...(horrible biting catty comment deleted here).... if you are downtown, you could try the rooftop bar at the hotel gansevoort, plunge, which is appropriately located in the meatpacking district. midtown has the hudson bar at the hudson hotel which is a cool space. i don't know if hotel bars are still hip and trendy but they were last year. oh and wear vertical stripes.

  7. tomokito7:13 PM

    i think the party will take place near Chelsea...