Friday, July 28, 2006


I'm a little headachy hungover, a lot tired, and feeling kinda weepy ... if that doesn't say "my time of the month," I don't know what does.

Darryl's happy hour last night was fun. I get there at 5:30, as we agreed. Naturally, he sends me a text message at 5:27 saying he'll be there at 6. *bah* I should've known to be half an hour late. *bah*

2 greyhounds and some sort of mystery free round of birthday shots later, Mike, Tomoko, Robert and I headed to Luna Cafe for a late dinner. Spinach and mushroom melt. Yum. I had a glass of wine there, which I am blaming for the headache.

Then, Mike and I walked back to his place to pick up a change of clothes. On the way to my place we had the worst train luck EVER! We *just* missed a train at Shaw-Howard and had to wait 15 minutes. Then, at the Fort Totten transfer, we *just* missed another train and had to wait 18 minutes. Fortunately, we did manage to catch the last bus to my house at 12:05. YAY!

It was too late to watch the movie as planned, so we talked for a bit, showered, and went to bed. er. "bed."

I'm feeling a little weird about us, right now. I'm not even sure if I can verbalize it, or if I even know what it is, but it feels like he has these expectations/ preconceived notions of who I am. When I'm not that person or I don't act the way he thinks I should, he seems disappointed. We talked about a lot of "stuff" while in transit to my place. I felt like I was constantly being critiqued ... and falling short.

It's probably my insecurities more than anything ... but most of the conversation made me feel uncomfortable and under attack. I didn't like it.

At least the sex was good, though.


  1. if that doesn't say "my time of the month

    I am no doctor, but if you are having a monthly discharge, that's probably not a good sign for your particular body type.

  2. remember that any judgement he has is about his own issues, not about you.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only guy (And I'm straight) that feels the "time of month" thing. And it's not feeling stressed out when TT is stressed out either. Mines a different time. I just go through a few days where everything seems hopeless and crap and I take offense at anything.

    If the moon can pull tides in the atlantic ocean I guess it can do something to the fluid in our body or something too.