Friday, July 28, 2006

Apparently There's Some Sort of Rumor Floating Around the Internet that Lance Bass is Gay

I refuse to believe it.

I mean, really, a guy is only "allegedly gay" until some compromising StickSteven photos come to light.

Oh. Wait.


  1. And the fans still love him anyway--poor guy, it can't be easy to keep secrets when you're living in the media fishbowl.

    Of course, boy bands are a blight on our cultural landscape and having one with an openly gay member would have at least broken the monotony.

  2. PS: I just found your comment on my blog--you knew I wasn't kidding, right?

  3. Um. What the blue thing in the foreground of the last photo? Is it Stick Stevens friend that died from hypothermia? Is Lance a gay necrophiliac?

    PS. Sorry for being such a blabberer tonight, I think I've just commented on all your posts from here back to...oh, ages ago...! Have good weekend!

  4. I love StickSteven :)

  5. Wait... are you trying to say that Lance is gay? OMG! But... but he used to date Daniell Fischel from Boy Meets World! How could he be gay?

    Next people will be saying that Justin Timberlake dating that actress is all a farce and he's gay too!

    And that Britney Spears is a trashy redneck 'ho.

    Oh, wait...

  6. Hey, Justin Timberlake IS gay!

    (Didn't you know?!)