Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I'm all for a little interfaith unity; however, when the unification arises from mutual hatred, I think the faiths need to re-evaluate their understanding of their respective religions.

Somehow, I doubt hate plays a big part of what their particular god/supreme being expects.

Faiths in Jerusalem United Over Gay March

For those of you who can't link through to the WaPo, here are a few choice quotes:

"We consider this offensive and harmful to the religious integrity of the city," said Sheik Taissir Tamimi, head of the Islamic court in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. "This group of homosexuals, we consider them impure," he said.

"The evil are coming upon (Jerusalem) to desecrate its honor and to humiliate its glory with acts that the Torah despises and that are despised by all the religions," [Rabbi Shlomo]Amar wrote [in a letter to Pope Benedict XVI]. "In addition, they also want to negatively influence babies, children and teenagers, to ruin them and bring them down the path of destruction."

"People on the one hand talk about the holiness of Jerusalem and at the same time are speaking in unacceptable ways against the dignity of other human beings," he [Hagai Elad, executive director of the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance, which is organizing the event]added. "How that contributes to the holiness of Jerusalem is something that I don't understand."

In more heartening news: HIV/AIDS Patients Get 1st Once-Daily Pill


  1. Sigh. And I was just having a theological discussion with a friend of mine last night about the whole anti-gay stance of (most flavors of) the monotheistic faiths. I totally give the marchers props. To be out there with a bounty on your head requires a rare and admirable kind of courage.

  2. ...and how dare that one spokesguy say that Jerusalem couldn't possibly mean anything to the LGBTI community. That's just... yeah I don't have an adjective for that right now.

  3. Well;

    First of all I think that gay men, and whatever a-standard people whom are not ubstructed from a 'normal' life should not be found "impure" in any way. I agree that homosexuality, and other sexual preferances are unnatural, but that does not mean they are a threat to a society; it is not a disease so it cannot harm any one who is not destined to be gay or whatever.

    Second I think we shouldn't get involved in such distant society's; their culture is not our own, and we are in many ways wiser and more educated than those desert warriors/desert saints in the dark East. (What on earth did Christ do in that shit hole anyway, why didn't he start His enlightment in Germany or something?!)

    Third Christianity is not anti-gay at all. Unlike Muslims, Judes and what more religions from the desert? It is the problem with people that they take the Bible for the Word of God in the first place, and second then start to read it literally Further wannabe or wolf-in-sheeps-cloth 'Christians' who are such gay haters, are first of all not Christian, not in the Grace of God, and certainly not very smart.

    Overall the problem with homosexuality lies with misunderstanding and lack of knowledge of the subject. We are afraid of the unknown, and thus we fear those queers across the streat. Though I think the mystery around other gay men is somewhat enjoyable. I did take a stand though, so I can at least tell people "how come"

  4. Besides some gay-ness in a society gives it a flavour of, well, happiness.