Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Feel Fat

A momentous event has just occurred!

VUBOQ has eaten an entire Chipotle burrito.
And, it only took 3.5 hours!!!

As some of you may know, usually when I order a Chipotle burrito, I eat half of it for lunch and then have the other half for dinner. Today, I was unusually hungry around 11, so I ate lunch earlier than normal. Then, around 2, I was hungry again. So I ate the rest of the burrito.

Maybe I should go purge now.


  1. Eewh. Purging! Gah!

  2. OMG -- I eat a Chipotle burrito as a Starter.

  3. you don't want to purge. it tastes a whole lot worse with reverse paristalsis than when it passed through the first time. keep it in the tummy.

  4. I know that you will never come to Belfast Maine, but if you were to, you'd love Bay Wrap. They make these crazy wraps that are about the size of a guinea pig, and look about same after you bite into one too. They have vegetarian ones. I'm not sure why I felt the need to share this with you, but I'm sure you were riveted.

  5. um aren't you like 110 pounds?

  6. Is one of those like a 6 inch sub? I never used to eat a whole one of those, it used to be a lunch/dinner thing for me, but recently I've acquired the ability to eat a whole one for lunch! I'm gonna be a hephamoose soon...