Friday, July 28, 2006

How I Spent My Friday Morning

How I Spent My Friday Morning: An Essay by the Slightly Headachy and Cranky VUBOQ, Whose Eyeballs May Explode at Any Moment

In a brilliant flash of insight, I decided to organize my work email account and, in the process, managed to delete every single email in my Inbox. I, then, had to go through the "Deleted Email" file to determine which emails were worthy of being saved and filed and which should be erased forever. This took HOURS. [Apparently, I have been neglecting my Inbox since late 2004.]

Now, I'm going to lunch. When I return ... the "Sent Items" file beckons.

Update: What I got for lunch - mushroom quesadilla, spicy thai kettle chips, tea, heatstroke. It's a gabillion degrees outside. celsius. I may never leave the office again.

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