Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I Make Pasta Salad. Therefore, I Am.

We're having a Going Away Potluck for an officemate today. I volunteered to make pasta salad. My guess is that it will be one of the few meat-free items that I will be able to eat. The people here love their meat. *geh*

Tonight is the season premiere of Project Runway 3 on Bravo. It starts at 9PM with a one hour casting special, followed by the first show. I do not have cable. I can not watch.

On the bright side, Mike has offered (ok, "offered" in the sense that I'm making him do it) to TiVo it for me! YAY! I can watch it at his place sometime this weekend! YAY! So, no one may blog about Project Runway 3 until after I watch it. Promise?

Or, at least, put a *spoiler alert* at the beginning of the post.

We're going to see Superman Returns tomorrow night. I need to look up the schedule. I think he's coming to Silver Spring to watch it.

In other news, Mush showed me the wonders that are audioblogger this week. I may attempt an audioblog post this weekend (so you can finally hear how gay I actually sound).

To close on a sad note, after listening to a reporter on NPR call a man in his (I think) early 30s "middle-aged," I noticed as I was shaving that I have a few gray whiskers. I decided to refer to them as blond. That makes me feel better about it.


  1. If you're only going to live to be 60, then 30 *is* middle-aged.

    Since you and I are going to be preserved with vodka long before 60 rolls around, we're not middle-aged yet.

  2. Don't fret my dear steven I too have grey hairs in my beard and I'm 25. They're there because we're so wise that it cannot be contained.

  3. hmmm, gray hair equals wisdom? is it directly proportional to quantity or is it the quality of the gray hair(s) that matter?

  4. blond? not just any plain old blonde...platinum blonde. i have spoken.