Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First Crush

In response to my request for childhood memory suggestions, GayProf asks, "VUBOQ tell us about the first time that you remember having a crush on another boy."

Back in my diary-x EnviroBoi incarnation, I wrote an entry about my first boycrush. However, as we all know, diary-x crashed and burned along with everyone's entries. My backup entries are archived on my dead laptop. I searched through the 45-pages or so of entries I managed to rescue from various search engines' cache files here at work, but the "first crush" entry isn't there. *sigh*

I was quite proud of that particular entry. Knowing that I may never find it again is a little depressing. Anyway, rather than recreating it, I decided to write about a later boycrush.

Many, many years ago, I was not the towering pillar of VUBOQian confidence you see before you. In fact, in Junior High School, I was a tiny little shriveled mess of prepubescence. I tried to blend into the background, to be unnoticed and ignored. I was rarely successful.

I think children of Junior High School age can smell weakness.

Anyway, my family had recently moved to a new town, and I was starting 7th grade at a new school. I knew no one. I absolutely hated it. The bus ride to school was torture. Until one day, a couple of months into the school year, a new 8th grader boarded the bus and said, "Do you mind if I sit with you?"

Of course not. His name was Darren. His family had recently moved to the area as well. We immediately hit it off. We talked. We laughed. I actually looked forward to riding the bus to school. He was tall and tan, with golden brown hair and amber eyes.

He had a big crush on this trailer park trash chick, Tommie (what.ever). I tried to sympathize as much as I could, while thinking "but what about MEEEE?"

We went to separate schools the following year and temporarily lost touch. When I started 9th grade, the school district reorganized and, once again, we were at the same school. We would talk at band practice, but never really hung out as much as we did in Junior High.

[Until we were drum majors together during my Junior year, but that's another story.]

Come to think of it, I may have blogged about Darren previously ... hm ...

I still have two more "suggestions" to finish and post today. Stay tuned for all the excitement!


  1. tomokito12:50 PM

    tomokito, a japanese primary school girl, had the first crash on Knight Rider....then Michael Landon....then wrote a fan letter to Dan Aykroyd (in Blues Brothers)....i had no friends.

  2. Aah- That's sweet.

    Amber eyes, though? Wouldn't that make them, um, yellow? Were you crushing on Data from Star Trek?

  3. gayprof - Yes. I was crushing on Data. Is that so wrong?

  4. You know that GayProf doesn't judge. Just remember to keep him, um, well lubed. Yeah, I know -- Boo, hiss.