Tuesday, July 18, 2006

10,000! 10,000! 10,000!

"The first time I didn't feel it, but this time I feel it, and I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!"

10,000 hits! So excited. What would I ever do without Statcounter [and YOU my loyal readers/friends]?

As I mentioned previously, I plan to send a prize to my 10,000th visitor: According to Statcounter, you are from Columbia, Maryland and linked to my blog through Synaptic Discharge at 09:54:50. I have your IP address, so leave a comment and I can work on a prize for you :-)

Meanwhile, I need a little more ego-stroking, so to celebrate the big 10K, I'm requesting everyone who visits my blog today to leave a comment here or a blogpost on your blog [10,000 words or less] responding to one of these prompts:

1. Why, I, like, totally *heart* VUBOQ


2. Everything I Need to Know I Learned from VUBOQ

OK. Get to it.


  1. 2. Everything I Need to Know I Learned from VUBOQ

    Heh. Maybe not "everything", but definitely interesting: after lurking through your blog (been lurking since you were better known as "Enviroboi/Envirowonk")...

    I've never realized what a "VUBOQ" was until I read the tagline at the top of your masthead.

    I thought it was a large, Robotech-like killer robot left over from the Cold War that was never unleashed upon the old Soviet Union.

    Yeah, something like that. :P

  2. 1. Why, I, like, totally *heart* VUBOQ.

    I, like, totally *<3* VUBOQ, because everything I need to know I learned from VUBOQ.

    Congrats on reaching the 10K mark!

  3. 1. Why, I, like, totally *heart* VUBOQ

    I just do, I dunno. Maybe its his sense of humor and that every time I come here I smile. :)

    um an yea...he's adorable!

  4. 1. Why, I, like, totally *heart* VUBOQ:

    Because of Meatless Monday, of course!

  5. From the salacious bits I can gather right away...

    1. Why, I, like, totally *heart* VUBOQ?

    You like spicy gazpacho, you have an infatuation with Asian culture, you like Watership Down AND To Kill A Mockingbird? Oh my god. I totally heart you.

  6. 1. Why, I, like, totally *heart* VUBOQ?

    Because he wrote such true things for the "10 Reasons Why I Adore and Worship GayProf" meme.

  7. Scott C3:34 PM

    1. Why, I, like, totally *heart* VUBOQ

    Not really sure why, but I do. Been lurking around a while. And as an FYI, I eat two meat free meals a day.

  8. I, like *totally* (heart) VUBOQ! He's just awesome. The knitting and the love-life details and the Meat-Free Mondays and all the social life I get to live vicariously through, what's not to love?

  9. will you be adjusting the number to reflect hits that aren't generated by you? so there'd still be, what?, 8940 hit to go? i know i know my math is weak. the margin of error is +/- 2,000 to factor in my hits when i had a job that allowed me to refresh the link every 5 seconds. *sigh* those were the days (in hell).

  10. why i <3 vuboq?

    who can't love a guy who not only knits, but knit an oh, so very soft scarf, but sent hershey kisses? - two kinds of hershey kisses!

  11. 1. "Why I,like *totally* (heart) VUBOQ!"

    He links to me and gets me at least one new visitor per week.

    2. "Everything I Need to Know I Learned from VUBOQ"

    Vuboq taught me the word "Embiggen" and the phrases "off quicker than a prom dress" and "cheated like a cheating cheater..."

    What more do I need to know?

    He's great and I want something knitted. Preferably a suit of armour. Wire wool exists doesn't it?

    Well done on 10k visitow mate...

    PS. Did you notice I'm the only person to do both? Where's my suit of knitted armour? How about a scarf, it's more likely you'll actually manage that one ;-)

    Only Me!

  12. I totally *heart* Vuboq because:

    Vuboq is adorable.
    Vuboq is my bestest online friend.
    Vuboq sends me things.
    Vuboq is sweet.
    Vuboq is is tall and blond.
    Vuboq is funny.
    Vuboq is smart.
    Vuboq is honest.
    Vuboq makes me giggle.
    Vuboq likes booze.
    Vuboq knits.
    Vuboq rocks.