Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First Day of High School

Dykewife requested that I tell you about my first day of high school. Oddly enough, the only thing I remember about my first day of high school is what I wore. [Perhaps that's not so odd, actually.]

On my first day of high school, I wore a neon yellow shortsleeve shirt and pin-striped blue jeans. The girl who sat directly behind me in homeroom wore a shirt the exact same color! Her name was Benetta Dease and, for the next four years, we were in the same homeroom and always referred to ourselves as twins.

If I remember correctly, my class schedule was -

1st Period: Honors English I - I can't remember the teacher's name, but she loved Romeo and Juliet and sometimes carried a purse shaped like a pig. My classmates and I would always discuss the previous afternoon's Santa Barbara before class began.
2nd Period: Geometry - The teacher had a beard. I hate math.
3rd Period: US History - Mr. Hierle (sp?) was the teacher. He was excellent.
4th Period: Band - Taught by Mr. Alred. The less said about him the better.
5th Period: Health/P.E. - My two most favorite subjects. cough. cough. gag.
6th Period: Freshman Biology - with one of my favorite high school teachers, Mrs. Elcock. She's one of the reasons I wanted to teach high school biology.


  1. Oh. My. God. I can't believe you remember all those details.

    High School is mostly (mercifully) a blur to me now. College I remember much more clearly... despite the beer.

  2. well, tk you *are* much older than I am...

  3. I can't believe you can still remember your freshman classes. I can't remember mine!

  4. we don't have middle school here, so my first year of highschool was grade 9. i don't remember my schedule but all my classes were identical to everyone else's. science (biology, chemestry and physics didn't come until grade 11), english, french, social studies (ancient civilizations), phys ed, algebra. french and social studies were the only 1 semester classes we had. the rest were 2 semesters. oh, home ec was also in there somewhere. i know that thereafter, it was 6 classes per semester for a credit each (with 2 semester classes giving 2 credits). of the 30 credits total i graduated with 29. i dropped grade 12 social studies on the last year it was an option. the teacher would've given an irish banshee a run for her money on the hideously scary scale.