Friday, July 14, 2006

Nookie Denied

I received a birthday party invitation from a friend last week. Apparently, there was some confusion, because he sent out a clarification yesterday:

This is an event for "Down Brothers." For those of you who cannot make it; I will miss you and maybe next year!

I immediately emailed Mike:

Does this mean that the brothers have to be covered in feathers?


He responded:

Silly. It means they must be stuffed with feathers.

The image of all those down-filled men (soft and warm, but a little prickly) makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Anyway, Mike and I went to see Superman Returns last night. I think I would have enjoyed it more if

1) it was not 6 and half hours long,
2) the girl in the seat next to me had not spent half the movie text messaging, then calling someone on her cell phone [fortunately, my "Teacher Glare of Death" still works and she stopped], and
3) the differently abled [special needs? What is the correct term these days?] teenager who kept laughing during inappropriate scenes, babbling loudly, and running up and down the stairs throughout the film had been better behaved.

Other than that, a rather enjoyable film ... I could've probably waited to see it on DVD though.

The movie ended around 11:15. I invited Mike back to my place, but he declined. Yes, I was rejected. Apparently, I am *not* all that. In all seriousness, he wanted to (so he said), but ... well, there were a lot of reasons - 0ne of which brought back some old fears; mainly, that I live too far away ... from everyone. *sigh*

I walked him to the Metro station. We kissed good night, which I'm sure scandalized the population, and I walked home.

He might be joining me for happy hour or dinner tonight. We may be going somewhere on Saturday. And, there's some sort of amorphous plan for a Sunday movie night planned at his place with Robert and Tomoko. Later, maybe there will be "watching movies."

Also, possible audioblogging tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.


  1. When I was taking my Special Education courses in a college in Wisconsin the term was "students with disabilities" or "students with special needs," which was meant to emphasize the student as a person first, and a label second.

    Then I took a job in Illinois where they call the kids "retarded."

    I guess it depends where you live, but I think the Wisconsin terminology is more widely accepted.

  2. Believe it or not, my primary line of work is with Children with SEN, SEN being "Special Educational Needs". My particular area is EBD-Emotional/Behavioural Disability.

    Lots of people call these kids "little shits" but most of them dont care, as it's probably the nicest thing that's ever been said of them. In fact, any kind of recognition makes their day.

    I'll shut up now, as until this point, I've never brought my profession into my blog world and I really shouldn't.

    Danulai made me do it, sir....(!)

  3. Rejected! I do NOT approve. He'd better not be making a habit of that shit or I'll have to Give Him A Talk about the proper care and maintenance of one very pretty Vuboq.