Monday, July 03, 2006

Look! It's July!

How did that happen?

Here's the weekend rundown:

Friday night's Summer Buggin' Movie Party was loads of fun, even though we ended up talking all night and not watching any movies. Oops. The last guests left around midnight-ish (I think) and I went to bed around 1. The grapefruit punch was yummy.

Saturday, I finished cleaning up from the party and did lots of blobbing around the house. Mike called. During our conversation, he asked, "So, why am I coming over on Sunday night and not tonight?" And, I said something along the lines of, "I don't know. I thought you had something to do."

As it turns out, the thing he had to do ... was me. *heh*

He came over around 7:30. I made miso soup (yum) and edamame. We ate inari sushi and some of the other party leftovers. Then, we watched Attack of the Giant Leeches. We went to bed around 11, I guess.

We got up around 9 (I think) and messed around for awhile. I made breakfast - a bastardized migas: scrambled eggs with onion, yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, tomato, cheese, and crumbled tortilla chips covered in salsa. Coffee. We drank lots of coffee. Then, we watched Legally Blonde. I so love that movie.

One of his new roommates, who needs to move in, called, and they arranged to meet at 3. We figured Mike should leave my place around 2. He caught a bus at 2:10. About 20 minutes later, he calls because he left his retainer at my place.

He ends up inviting me over to his place for veggie pizza. It was yummy. We ate, talked, watched some TV, and went to bed around midnight. I got up at 6:15. Fun.

I think it's going to be a slow, slow, super slo-mo day here. Fortunately, I have a few things to do to keep me busy for part of the day. I may let my staff go this afternoon to get an early start on their holiday.

Then, I'll be here. All alone. So alone. *sigh*

Tonight, Mike is having a barbeque at his place. He mentioned maybe going to a club afterwards.

No plans for tomorrow yet. I figure we'll work something out at the barbeque.

More later, I'm sure. It's going to be a slow day.

[And, don't forget, it's Meat-Free Monday! Do you part for the environment, and enjoy a meat-free meal today. *smooches*]


  1. I love Legally Blonde! Yeah!

  2. Oh bugger! (With reference to meat free monday, incase you didn't guess) Monday has already happened here. And I forgot. Is it ok for me to swap to tuesdays (which is your monday) to keep up with it?! Either that or you have to send me a reminder every sunday...!
    Only me!

  3. Honey, how do you make out and watch "Attack of the Gaint Leeches"?

    Oh, nevermind :)