Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thus Saith the Lord

We have reached Day 4 of All Messiah All the Time and *still* no co-workers have complained.

I must be doing something wrong. Perhaps I should crank up the volume ...

Or start singing along.

For lunch today I am eating a bag of potato chips. Kettle Chips: Tuscan Three Cheese: Mediterranean VACATION in a bag! woo hoo!

Tres. Healthy.

At least they're better than the feet-like Cheddar Beer flavor (gag). (sorry, Billy.)

Oh, tonight, I'm going to Teaism in Penn Quarter to meet Bellringer Mike's boyfriend. If you remember, BRM is the guy I was going to meet in Glasgow, but his visa didn't come through in time. He's there now though. But, the boyfriend's visa is stuck somewhere in a quagmire of red tape and paperwork. Joy.

Then, I'm going home. To knit, natch.



  1. My lunch are assorted food items left over from an office event last night.

  2. The question is this: How can YOU listen to Messiah over and over?

  3. Please stop eating chips for lunch. You can't do that shit. You're not 19 anymore, dear. Have something good for you!