Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Like, Total Weirdness Dude

I've been tagged. Thanks, Ms. Martini. *heart* you.

It would seem that for this little meme, I have to list 6 Weird Things about myself. Let me tell you, this is a really difficult meme, because -lest you forget- I'M THE NORMAL ONE!!!

It's the rest of you that are weird. Trust me.

In light of that fact, here are 6 Things that Make Me VERY NORMAL:

1. I don't have cable TV.

I have 2 reasons: A) It's expensive. I can't afford it. and B) If I actually had cable I would never get anything done. All I would do is waaaaaaaaaaaaaatch TV. Project Runway Marathons! Top Chef Marathons! America's Next Top Model Marathons (btw, ANTM's finale is tonight. No one tell me who wins -especially if it's the crazy one, Melrose- because I might not be able to see it until this weekend)!

2. I tend to give my pets long tedious names.

Example: Isabella's full name is Psychokitty Isabella, Giver of Vomit of Joy, Attacker of Feet that Move in the Night, Killer of Alien Crickets (*shudder*), which is why sometimes Isabella is referred to as PKI in my blog.

3. I crack myself up. Frequently. and at inappropriate times (like during sex).

4. I collect Tacky Things from Around the World.

Yes, I do own a Pope John Paul II Snow Globe, purchased from within the walls of the Vatican, with a slightly askew "Roma" sticker. I think I've posted a photo of a small part of my collection, but I don't remember when and I don't feel like looking for it right now. Maybe later.

The only rule to this collection is that the Tacky Things must be gifts. I can't buy them. [And, if any of you are thinking "Aha! Now I know what to get VUBOQ for Xmas," remember: I also like NICE THINGS from Around the World]

5. I hate driving.

The last time I regularly (meaning every day over a period of months) drove a car was probably in 1998. And that was after a 3.5 year break of not driving at all. I am so not looking forward to driving to my brother's home for Christmas this year. I've rented the car. Does anyone want to volunteer to drive me?

6. I write irate email messages to companies over insignificant perceived slights.

Here's the one I sent today:

To Whom It May Concern:

Earlier today, I realized that I needed a roll of quarters. Normally, I either go to my bank, Bank of America, which has long lines, or the M&T Bank, which is close to my office, but out of the way. Luckily, I remembered that your bank had recently opened in City Place Mall and was on my way from my office to where I could pick up my lunch.

When I approached the teller to request change, I was told that she could not give me change because I am not an account holder at your bank. When I asked why, she replied that "it is bank policy." I am hoping that someone will be able to explain this policy to me. Is my money not as good? Are $10 bills from non-account holders not worth $10? Are the few seconds it takes to exchange a $10 bill for a roll of quarters so expensive it is not worth the effort for non-account holders?

Perhaps bank policies such as this one are the reason I never see anyone in your bank. I had been planning to ask about opening an account; however, I did not feel welcome to do so. I doubt I will ever pursue opening an account at your bank again.



I am not going to tag anyone, but feel free to partake of this meme on your own.



  1. I'd do this meme, but I'd have a hard time whittling it down to just six things. :3

  2. I got tagged for this the other day, it was fun. I almost listed your #1 and 2!!


  3. Ummm, I couldn't live without cable TV! BBC Canada is one of the great joys of my life about weird, eh? I love the e-mail you wrote to that bank! I'm going to file this meme for a rainy (make that snowy) day.

    Oh, and smooches back to you and Isabella, Psychokitty and ruler of the realm of Vuboq.

  4. on item 2 you left out: big hairy pussy, even bigger than uranus which is almost impossible to imagine or BHP-EBTUWIAITI

    (why is my profile photo taking up so much room? it should be tiny!)