Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Photo Meme Idea

I just had this really cool idea.

For those of you who have Christmas trees, take a picture of:

1. Your most unique Christmas tree ornament, and
2. Your most meaningful ornament.

Then, post the pictures and explain why those ornaments are your most unique/meaningful.

If you don't have a Christmas tree, maybe you could use a holiday decoration instead?

I think this could be fun! And, I'll try to remember to do it tonight when I get home from my hair appointment and dinner.


  1. Awww. I don't have batteries in my digital camera right now. Every year my mom buys us each an ornament and dates it. I'm not sure which one is my favorite, but the set sure is my fav because someday she will no longer bring them and it will be a wonderful reminder of a truly beautiful person.

  2. what if i don't have a christmas tree? why do you discriminate against treeless people?

  3. I was going to make good on my d-x forums proposal to bedeck a Christmas tree in phallic fertility charms, but I find that this year I'm too lazy ot get a tree. Where would I put it in my tiny cabin, after all?

  4. Gawd I hate doing this... but you've been tagged. Yep. Tagged. You'll have to check out my blog for further details.

  5. I too am treeless. But I do have a string of colored Christmas lights on the floor of my room, all plugged in and adorable.

  6. I have an ornament of the starship Voyager. Sorry, no pic.