Thursday, December 14, 2006

Behold, A Virgin Shall Conceive; O Thou That Tellest Good Things to Zion

Presents. Wrapped.

I still need to buy ribbon to tie around the rosemary I've rooted from the one in our front yard for various family and friends.

I should finish the final knitten today ... if all goes according to my evil plan, that is. And, all of my Christmas crap will be done! YAY!

Well, at least most of it.

I had a very weird dream early this morning. I was in a Japanese post office buying stamps. The clerk asked me how many stamps I needed. I said, "seven." She brought out international airmail stamps for letters, but I told her that I needed international airmail stamps for postcards.

The weirdest thing was that this conversation was all in Japanese and -if I remember my Japanese correctly- both the clerk and I used the wrong counting word* for stamps. We used ko (which is for small things) instead of mai (which is for flat things). But, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's OK to use ko for stamps. I can't remember.

*Counting words: The Japanese language doesn't have plurals. Instead, you say the number plus the proper counting word. There are counting words for all sorts of things - flat things (mai); long, thin things (hon); small things (ko); tall, cylindrical things, like beer bottles (hai); etc. etc. etc. So, if you want 3 (san) pieces of paper you would ask for san-mai. Yes. It's weird. And I was constantly using the wrong counting word for things. Oops.

Anyway, I've been thinking a bit about how I'm spending the holidays this year. Because my father has to be at a tiny mountain church in far western NC, my family is meeting at my brother's apartment in Greensboro and celebrating "Christmas" on Friday the 22nd. I will hang out at my brother's place for the weekend and drive back Christmas morning.

I figure I can get an early start and not have to deal with icky traffic at that time.

Unfortunately, this means that -unless I can find other friends who will be around- I will be spending Christmas Day alone. I don't think I've ever spent Christmas Day alone. When I lived in Japan, I had to work on Christmas Day. That was odd; however, after work, I was able to spend the evening with a group of friends.

Last week, at brunch, I learned my friend, Barbara, has to work on Christmas Day (until about 6?), so maybe I'll be able to meet her. Or maybe I'll just go to Halo and hang out with all the other drunk and alone soy-drinking gays. Or maybe I will revel in my aloneness, drinking martinis, eating pizza, and knitting on the Neverending Sweater of Doom. And, thinking about my friends whose aloneness was not a choice.



  1. "mai" is correct. me think. i'll be around on christmas day. i'm a buddhist.

  2. My thoughts are definitely more hai than ko. It must be all the soy. ;)

    If you lived closer, I'd invite you to hang out on Christmas Day evening. Although, I'm spending Xmas eve and day with friends, the evening of the 25th, I'll be alone too. I'm planning a dvd/chocolate/several Bloody Mary's (which we call ceasars here) marathon.

  3. Everyone should spend at least one Christmas alone. It feels interesting. If you had DVDs and frozen pizzas and knitting, you'd be set!