Monday, December 18, 2006

For Behold, Darkness Shall Cover the Earth

What a weekend!

Friday, I met Mike and Darryl for happy hour at BeBar. I don't really like BeBar. So, after one drink, Darryl left and Mike and I went to Halo ... where we happened to see Whitey White Whiterson, the boring suburban-looking man with bad shoes who I saw last week and on whom I am beginning to have a crush. I had decided that the next time I saw him I would go up and say hi.

However, before I could do that [I had just seen him and realized "Ooh, it's Whitey White Whiterson"] someone else [who is not nearly as cute as I] swooped in and began chatting him up. Then, they disappeared upstairs. The only bright spot was after about one drink, I saw WWW leave as the Not Nearly As Cute As I Guy tried to follow, was stopped, then just gave him his phone number. I say, NNACAIG struck out. HA! WWW still secretly pines for me.

I am a bit perplexed by this crush. Normally, I don't crush on boring white suburban-looking guys in bad shoes. What's happening to me?

ANYWAY, after our 2 drinks at Halo, Mike and I were v. drunk. Mike was beginning to call everyone "babydoll" again. So, we went for food at Luna Cafe. Then, we went back to his house and watched TV. I fell asleep on the sofa. He woke me up around 1 and we went up to bed.

There was no sex.

I keep getting drunk and he keeps refusing to take advantage of me. What up with that?

Saturday morning, he made yummy breakfast tacos with homemade tortillas. I left for my apartment around noon. Once home, I blobbed around and knitted some. I eventually left for Kristen's Christmas Party around 5:30.

The party was fun. The food, as usual, was fabulicious. We ate. We drank. We watched the Simpsons Christmas DVD. I got home around 1:30. Stupid parties in Virginia. gah.

Sunday, I got up, knitted, watched a DVD. Mike called around 1 and we arranged to meet at 2ish to go to some Holiday Market near Chinatown. Mike's former roommate, visiting from Richmond, also joined us. After wandering in the market, we walked down to Austin Grill for a late lunch, early dinner. Spinach enchiladas! Margaritas! Woot!

After eating, we decided to walk around looking at holiday decorations. We ended up at the White House and viewing that hideous creation known as the White House Christmas Tree. Ugh. Although, at least this year it wasn't blue. Still. Gross.

Then, we walked to the US Capitol. That tree was a little better. The nearby National Botanic Gardens had a little electric train display up. We walked over to look at that. It was cute.

Then, I went home, where I knitted and watched DVDs. Sometimes I wonder if I do anything else.

I have a TWO DAY workweek this week. Woo hoobity hoo! It will probably be the two longest days EVER.

Updated to note: Don't forget it's Meat-Free Monday. Do your part for the environment by enjoying a delicious meat-free meal!


  1. I have a ONE day work day this week! Today ...and then I'm off until January 8th! Yay! (We have annual Christmas seasonal shut-down in my department. Everyone goes on holiday). We won't actually do any work today, of course. I wonder who got my name in the Christmas draw? Stay tuned for the answer to this, and other exciting questions.


  2. cooper: soy jealous. I didn't get your name in the Christmas draw.

  3. Crushing on Whitey White Whiterson from suburbia who wears bad shoes? I don't know, VUBOQ, this could be therapy worthy.

  4. If I were a boy and you kept getting drunk and passing out in my bed I would TOTALLY take advantage of you 'cause I'm not a big freakin' DORK like SOME of your friends apparently are.

    Hell, most of your readers ARE boys, and have already offered to take advantage of you. You're passin' out in the wrong beds, hon!