Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And the Glory of the Lord

Yes, it's a Messiah morning, again ... as it probably will be for the rest of the week. I likes Messiah.

Unfortunately, there is no Meat-Free Monday photo for you today, because I went to Mike's last night and he made his super yummy veggie pizza. Mmmm. Then, we watched the finale of America's Next Top Model. Yay! Fun times.

And, that was pretty much my evening.

Something weird happened with our work email yesterday. Suddenly, a whole bunch of old messages were sent out (from as far back as August). I don't know if these were messages that were previously sent or if they were never sent. Ah! The mysterious internet! It eats the email and it regurgitates the email.

The other weird thing that happened last night was this:

On my walk home from work, I walk past a middle school. Last night, 2 early teenage girls were standing at the bus stop, ocassionally running into the street. As I approached, the smallest of the two stepped out in front of me. I started to walk around her, and she reached up and snapped her fingers right in front of my face.

Weird. So, what did I do? I'll give you a multiple choice quiz:

A. I turned, glared angrily, and said, "I was going to say something, but you're not worth the effort."
B. I turned, glared, pulled out my cell phone, and pretended to call the Police Non-emergency number.
C. I turned, glared, pulled out my cell phone, and called the Police Non-emergency number.
D. I turned, glared, pulled out my plastic knife, and said, "You really shouldn't challenge strangers, because you never know when they'll be armed and crazy."

What would you do?


  1. I'm guessing "B."

    One part of my current Metro ride that I will not miss is the Red line around Takoma, with it's roving bands of big scary teenage girls in the afternoon/evening. The ones who have been known to steal peoples' iPods right out of their hands.

  2. B. (or none of the above)

    I watched the ANTM final too. "Look at me, I'm CariDee, lousy with virginity"... hee hee

  3. A.

    Yesterday, I saw a middle aged guy listening heavy-metal on his i-Pod (it was so loud everyone on the train could hear it) and playing with hand-cuffs. This morning at a press briefing, I saw an American journalist stirring coffee with a temple of his eyeglasses, and then licking it and putting it on.

  4. I've stirred coffee with my eyeglasses. What? They're MINE.

  5. I probably would not have done anything. It takes me too long to process when something like that happens.

  6. goblinbox: ew. who knows where your ears have been?

    which reminds me of a favorite joke of the mother of one of my friends:

    Q: How do you hold your liquor?
    A: By his ears.


    you're welcome.

  7. D! it's D!

    mmmm, liquor.

  8. The correct answer is: B.